Five Things To Do After A Storm


When it’s safe to return, here are five things you need to do after a storm.

Assess the immediate area for damage
Assess the immediate area to see if there are no hazardous conditions like gas leaks and live power
lines. If there’s a hazard, leave that area and look for a safer place.

Find and turn off the shut-off valves for water, electricity, and natural gas if necessary. Flooding,
dangerous wildlife, damaged roadways, and broken tree branches can threaten your life, so avoid
walking around your neighborhood. Report fallen power lines to the electric company.

Avoid contact with floodwater
Floodwater may contain contaminants such as germs, livestock and human waste, damaged power
lines, wild animals, and dangerous chemicals. Wear a sturdy life jacket if you need to be near or in

Stay away from damaged buildings
Storms can damage buildings, so avoid entering buildings until notified by local officials. Unusual
noises like cracking and popping could be a signal that the building is about to collapse.

Observe food and water safety
Discard food that came into contact with storm or flood water. Contaminated food can harm your
health even if it tastes, smells, or looks okay. Discard perishable foods that you have not refrigerated
because of power outages. You also should throw away foods with strange textures, colors, and

Use treated, bottled, or boiled water for cooking, washing, personal hygiene, or drinking.

Practice good personal hygiene
Treat injuries or wounds immediately to prevent infection. Apart from wearing pants, socks, and long
sleeves when you are going out, you should apply insect repellent to protect yourself from bugs.
Hand washing and good personal hygiene also can help prevent diseases and illnesses from

Don’t forget to contact the insurance provider after the storm and take photos of the damage to justify
your claim.

Natural disasters can strike anytime, but there are some things that you can do to keep your family
safe throughout the ordeal. Follow the abovementioned tips to restore your property and resume your
daily routine in the shortest possible time. Call Jones Dry Right at (813) 750-8486 or visit today for professional mold and water remediation services.

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